Helena Reis

Across Science Co-Founder and Chairman Industrial Ecology and Sustainability

Helena Reis is the Across Science Co-Founder and Chairman. She has been since 2007 till March of 2013, the Chief Science Officer and Executive Director of the MIT-Portugal Program, the major international partnership on Science and Technology in Portugal, in the field of Engineering Systems. She is Licentiate in Biology (1985). On 1987 she concluded her M.Phil. in Biochemistry, at Cambridge University, England. On June 1994 she concluded her PhD at the Universidad de Navarra, Spain. Later, on 2004 she received the eMBA from the IESE/AESE Business Schools.

Her research interests are mainly centered in Human Health and Diseases with focus on cancer: elucidating the mechanisms of gene expression regulation and, of mechanisms involved in disease progression and prevention. Her contributions to science have particularly been done on liver cancer associated to Hepatitis B virus and its encoded protein HBx.

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