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Key research projects and collaboration potential at the Department of Heat Engineering and Technology at Riga Technical University 16/11/2022

On November 16th 2022, IN+ promotes a seminar lectured by Dr. Aleksejs Prozuments, researcher at Faculty of Civil Engineering, Riga Technical University (RTU), Latvia.

The seminar will take place at DEM Meeting Room, at 2:00 pm.

The seminar program will include the summary of the main research projects at the Department of Heat Engineering and Technology at RTU, as well as an insight into research projects at University of Washington (UW), such as:

  • Evaluation of the building stock thermal performance under various building code compliance scenarios: the case of Latvia;
  • A review study on specific requirements for nearly zero energy solutions for unclassified buildings;
  • Optimal control of indoor air quality and thermal comfort based on room real-time 3d motion scanning data;
  • Development of a new prototype of adiabatic cooling panels to ensure the sustainability and energy efficiency of cooling equipment;
  • A new concept for low-energy eco friendly house;
  • Strategies for commissioning the acoustical performance of an open office space following the latest healthy building standard: A case study.

Dr Sc Ing Aleksejs Prozuments' main research field is Building Energy Efficiency and Indoor Environmental Quality. Aleksejs has a vast international experience in building energy research projects, doing a professional internship at Lindab AB indoor climate competence center in Denmark (2011) and at Suniva Inc., solar PV manufacturer, in the United States (2013), as well as studying at Denmark Technical University (DTU) in 2010/2011, and doing PhD research at University of Washington in Seattle, USA (UW) in 2017/2018.