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LARSyS Annual Meeting 2021 14/07/2021

The 2021 LARSyS annual meeting will take place on July 14th and 19th, in a hybrid format and divided in two parts: 
(i)  - July 14: Thematic Lines Sessions (ZOOM)
(ii) - July 19: In-person Plenary Meeting (IST Congress Center)


(i) - July 14: Thematic Lines Sessions (ZOOM)

The LARSyS Thematic Lines Sessions (OCEANS, URBAN, AIR, LIFE, and INTERACTION) on July 14 are being organized by the TL Coordinators:

LIFE - 9h30-11h30 (ZOOM, Coordinated by João Sanches | PROGRAM
AIR - 11h30-13h30 (ZOOM, Coordinated by R. Ventura,
URBAN - 13h30-15h30 (ZOOM, Coordinated by C.Santos Silva, | PROGRAM
OCEAN - 15h30-17h30 (ZOOM, Coordinated by A. Pascoal,
INTERACTION - 17h30-19h30 (ZOOM, Coordinated by A. Bernardino,

The complete program is updated continuously and can be found at:


(ii) - July 19: In-person Plenary Meeting (IST Congress Center)

The LARSyS In-person Meeting will comprise several parts:

  • The summary of the Thematic Lines discussions /brain storms
  • Special sessions concerning major national and European R&D initiatives as well as funding opportunities. 
  • The pitch sessions (we cannot organize poster sessions, unfortunately)  where LARSyS junior researchers (PhD students and Post-Doctoral researchers) will have a golden opportunity to showcase their research work (limited number of slots available.)

As the number of participants in the In-person Plenary Meeting is limited, we appreciate that you register to this event at your earliest convenience, see link below.



Registration Form for the In-person meeting (limited number of participants):
LARSyS 2021 Annual Meeting Program (still under construction):
LARSyS PPTX template (for the pitch slides and other presentations):