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New European Bauhaus of the Seas Co-Design Event 20/05/2021

On May 20th 2021 will take place the 1sth "New European Bauhaus of the Seas Co-Design Event", a Conference that aims at improving the quality of life of European citizens and promoting a more sustainable society. Registration is free but mandatory until May 19th 2021.
The ”Bauhaus of the Seas” was the first thematic network proposed in the context of the co- creation phase of the New European Bauhaus. The Bauhaus of the seas, as “marhaus” (literally “the sea as our home”) or “baumar” (“the sea as a space for creation and impact entrepreneurship”), aims to promote renewed ethical and aesthetic regenerative development from a widely diverse range of dimensions of our continued relationship with the sea. This network will involve fostering a school of interdisciplinary experimentation and entrepreneurship, bound to shape a generation of designers, architects, engineers, artists, managers, and scientists around sustainable design solutions for coastal regions and the sea.
The event is being co-organized by the CMU Portugal Program, Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, Instituto Superior Técnico and MAAT – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology.

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