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IN+ opens regularly calls for employment opportunities and research fellowship grants in several fields. Here you can find all these opportunities and view the details. 
If you are eager to work with a dynamic and enthusiastic team and are willing to contribute to attractive projects with a high impact on society using innovative technologies, apply!

The current open positions do not match your profile, but you think you can be an asset to our team? Send us a spontaneous application to the email


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Visiting Research Opportunities

There are no Visiting Research Opportunities at the moment.

IN+’s non-discrimination and equal access opportunities policy:
Our non-discrimination and equal access opportunities policy – All applicants are only considered based on their merit. No candidate can be privileged, benefited, jeopardised or be deprived of any right or exempt of any claim in regard to descendent, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, economic situation, origin, social economy, genetic heritage, disability, chronic disease, nationality, ethnicity, territory of origin, language, religion, politics, ideology or union membership.

Relevant Legislation:
Decree-Law nr 57/2016, from 29th August, altered by Law nr 57/2017, from 19th July, (RJEC).
Portuguese Labour Law, approved by Law nr 7/2009, from 12th February in its current form. 
Decree – Law nr 124/99, from 20th April in its current form.
Regulatory Decree nr 11-A / 2017, of 29th December.