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8th International Advanced Course on Liquid Interfaces, Drops And Sprays (ONLINE) 09/07/2020


On 9 and 10 July 2020, the 8th International Advanced Course on Liquid Interfaces, Drops And Sprays (LIDESP 8) will take place online at Zoom platform, at no cost for participants. The course is organized by IN+/IST together with three well-known and highly recognized experts in the field: Prof. Amirfazli (York University, Toronto, Canada), Prof. Bertola /University of Liverpool, UK) and Prof. Marengo (University of Brighton, UK).

The objective of LIDESP is to provide the participants with today’s detailed knowledge on the physics of drops and sprays based on recent research results and the most updated methods for the prediction of dynamic outcomes, heat transfer, wettability effects, and its applications to technological and industrial areas. It is addressed to scientists, professionals, company engineers, R&D managers and graduate students in the fields of Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, Applied and Fundamental Sciences.

The knowledge of the physics of liquid drops and sprays is essential for many applications, from aeronautics (icing) to oil extraction (effervescent spray, drop collisions in pipes), from electronics (spray cooling) to agriculture (pesticide distribution), from microfluidics (droplet management) to painting processes (spray coating), from biology (blood droplets, sterilization) to thermal transfer (condensation in heat exchangers), from chemistry (drying tower) to medical applications.

In this 2020 edition, LIDESP will focus on advanced experimental methods, besides the main lecturers and LIDESP chairs Prof. Volfango Bertola and Prof. Alidad Amirfazli, the course will count with Prof. Alex Taylor from Imperial College, who will present and opening keynote with a wide perspective on the research challenges, laser diagnostic techniques & new applications of droplets and sprays, and Prof. Fabrice Lemoine from LEMTA - Université de Lorraine – CNRS, who will introduce the latest developments on the description of droplet interactions with heated surfaces.

The second day will bring the fundamental topics to a level closer to the industry. So the day will start with an opening keynote from Prof. Gunter Brenn from Graz University of Technology, who will give an overview on Droplets and Sprays of complex fluids.

A special participation of lecturers from the industry is also scheduled for the 2nd day of the workshop, which accounts for the contribution from the Centre of Nanotechnology and Smart Materials, in the context of droplets & sprays applied in the development of smart textile materials for the automotive industry.

This workshop is held every year in different locations around the world, and Lisbon was selected to be the host in 2020. Due to the new corona virus pandemic, the organization committee decided to cancel the physical event. Instead, the workshop will take place online, in the same schedule, and at no cost for participants.

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