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Transition to Net Zero: Promote “Human Agency” and govern “Data Ecology” in the digital age 06/07/2022

6th July 2022, Wednesday
Time: 3.30 p.m.
Venue: Informatics III building, ground floor, FA3 amphitheatre.

Achieving Net Zero requires a transatlantic dialogue to develop and improve systems responsible for land use management in an increasingly decentralized digital age supported by Artificial Intelligence. It refers to a gradual and multi-annual work plan, 2022-2030, aimed at implementing and promoting an international and informal think and do tank to stimulate new knowledge, scientific diplomacy and advocacy, promoting the transition to Net Zero. It includes the governance of complex and massive amounts of data and its synergies (i.e. “data ecology”), including new Earth observation data, along with the knowledge and innovation needed to improve land use management.