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Workshop on Introduction to Data Visualization 02/10/2018

A figure is worth a thousand words. Based on this premise, the goal is to sensitize academics to the importance of effective visual communication of scientific results. The workshop provides guidelines for data visualization based on theoretical advances on data visualization and good practices, and introduces a number of traditional and recent visualization techniques which can be applied to various scientific domains. The practical section also provides an overview of some tools for data visualization with various levels of complexity and learning curve. Examples from various scientific fields will be presented and discussed in terms of visual construction and possibilities of improvement.

Speaker: Thiago Sobral, MPP Student, Transportation Systems (Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto)

This workshop is NOT about
- Learning a particular visualization tool
- Programming

Contents overview:
Theory (very quick)
- First examples
- Cognition and the human eye
- Color theory
- Data types
- A survey of traditional and "new" visualization techniques
- Good and bad examples extracted from papers, and how to fix them
- Presentation and comparison of some visualization tools
- Tips for image exporting: file formats, resolution

Seminar Host: João Pires

When: 2nd October 2018 (Tuesday) | 14h - 16h

Where: Sala MIT Portugal (Piso -1, Ed. Mecânica II)