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PhD 101: Introduction to PhD research in Engineering

Friday, October 19th, Professor Carlos Santos Silva will give a seminar on Introduction to PhD in Engineering. The lecture will take place in room V0.15 at 5pm. The objective of this seminar is to present the main steps to develop a PhD in engineering, provide a global overview on research methodologies that can be used to develop the PhD and describe the main guidelines for writing scientific reports and papers.

Sustainable Materials and Technologies

Automotive Cluster Workshop

The Automobile Cluster Workshop will take place on November 14, at the Lisbon congress center, under the scope of Portugal Exporter, a business-oriented and networking opportunities event, organized by AIP Foundation, Novo Banco and Aicep Portugal Global.

Sustainable Materials and Technologies

Circular Economy Strategic Pillar

IN+, through Prof. Fernanda Margarido, is a member of the working group Circular Economy Strategic Pillar, which participates in the process of consolidating proposals for the Lisbon and Tagus Valley Region (RLVT) Strategy 2030.

About Us

Centre for Innovation, Technology and Policy Research

We are a cross-disciplinary research venue, acting to integrate scientific research in technology, innovation and public policy, striving to promote the sustainable application of science. Institutionally, IN+ operates at Técnico Lisboa and is a member of the associate laboratory LARSyS.

Our activities brings together researchers from various research areas, often called laboratories, who join efforts to achieve a sustainable society, by cooperating with industry and fostering a scientific culture in our spaces, fellows and communities.