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Sustainable Energy Technologies

ILASS-Europe Newsletter 2018

ILASS-EUROPE is a non-profit organization for those working on theory, physics, instrumentation, measurements, computation, analyses and applications of liquid atomization and sprays. ILASS-Europe is also on Facebook. Please see attached their March newsletter, where you can find news, future and past events, funding opportunities, job openings and other relevant announcements.

About Us

Centre for Innovation, Technology and Policy Research

We are a cross-disciplinary research venue, acting to integrate scientific research in technology, innovation and public policy, striving to promote the sustainable application of science.

Institutionally, IN+ operates at Técnico Lisboa and is a member of the associate laboratory LARSyS.

Our activities brings together researchers from various research areas, often called laboratories, who join efforts to achieve a sustainable society, by cooperating with industry and fostering a scientific culture in our spaces, fellows and communities.