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In the Media

Tell us your science: How does blood flow behave?

In a partnership between ULisboa and the newspaper Público, Gonçalo Coutinho shared his PhD research at IN+, where he is developing experimental methods of optical visualization to study the three-dimensional behavior of blood flow in artificial, physical models of arteries, which may help prevent deaths from cardiovascular disease.




About Us

Centre for Innovation, Technology and Policy Research

We are a cross-disciplinary research venue, acting to integrate scientific research in technology, innovation and public policy, striving to promote the sustainable application of science. Institutionally, IN+ operates at Técnico Lisboa and is a member of the associate laboratory LARSyS.

Our activities brings together researchers from various research areas, often called laboratories, who join efforts to achieve a sustainable society, by cooperating with industry and fostering a scientific culture in our spaces, fellows and communities.