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Climate Emergency and Cities Resilience: A challenge for Innovation and Sustainability 03/11/2022

On November 3rd, at 3 PM, takes place the seminar Climate Emergency and Cities Resilience: A challenge for Innovation and Sustainability, lectured by Prof. Eloy Casagrande Jr. at room 01.1 (IST Congress Center). This event is promoted by IN+. Attendance is free but registration is mandatory.

Studies show that by 2050, 1.6 billion people living in more than 970 cities will be regularly exposed to extreme high temperatures. Coupled with the "urban heat island effect", which makes cities warmer than the surrounding countryside, this puts urban dwellers at high risk. Climate change is also affecting rainfall patterns around the world, increasing flooding, destroying infrastructure and agricultural areas, not to mention that we will need to adapt to colder, more temperate climates. These processes require changes in building systems, energy supply, food supply, mobility, consumption patterns, industrialization, among other stimuli for a low carbon economy. Are cities ready to innovate and be more sustainable?

About Prof. Eloy Casagrande Jr.
PhD in Mineral Resources and Environment Engineering from the University of Nottingham (UK); Environmental Auditor by EARA/IEMA-Environmental Auditors Registration Association/Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (United Kingdom); Post-doctorate in Technological Innovation and Sustainability (IST/UTL, Lisbon, Portugal); Coordinator of NAPI (New Arrangements for Research and Innovation) in Climate Emergency, in the state of Paraná, Southern Brazil, by the Federal Technological University of Paraná (UTFPR); Coordinator of the Specialization Course in Sustainable Construction (CECONS), Campus Curitiba.

Date: 3 November 2022, 3 PM
Venue: Room 01.1 (IST Congress Center)
Free registration:

This meeting is supported by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (UIDP/50009/2020- FCT and UIDB/50009/2020- FCT).