Facilities at IN+

Where we are

Research at IN+ has a background on analytical and experimental tools.

Experimental research at IN+ has grown to integrate competencies in sustainable energy systems, technology policy and advanced socio-economic research methods, linking three major research areas, often called Laboratories. Their activities are supported today by laboratory infrastructures, divided between Tagus Park and Alameda Campus.

These following facilities constitute the core space and the main assets of our centre:

InfrastructureLaboratory of Thermofluids, Combustion and Energy Systems
InfrastructureLaboratory of Interfacial plus Micro-Scale Transport Phenomena
InfrastructureLaboratory of Waste Processing and Management
InfrastructureEnergy Laboratory
InfrastructureDemand Response Lab
InfrastructurePolygeneration Energy Container
InfrastructureWeather Station

To know more about each facility and the work we do, please visit their respective pages or contact us directly.


Mapa IST

Most of the time, our team is at our headquarters in Alameda Campus.

If you would like to visit us, please follow these directions:

InfrastructureIf you arrive at Tecnico Lisboa by the main stairs at the top of Alameda (lower side);
InfrastructureTake the first building at your right. That is Building 13 "Pavilhão de Mecânica II";
InfrastructureGo through the corridor and take the stairs on the left, after the bar/cafeteria;
Infrastructure(At the bottom of the stairs is one of our main labs);
InfrastructureGoing up, you will find the door of IN+ in front of the stairs, in the first floor.

Welcome to IN+!