Other Facilities

The other facilities managed by IN+ team are a part of the Laboratory of Industrial Ecology and Sustainability, located in Tagus Park of IST.

Energy Laboratory

This experimental facility consists of a KNX system to control the lighting and HVAC system installed in a room (1.58) and a set of offices (2N14), which, together with a remote platform, enable researchers to test new control algorithms to minimize energy consumption and maximize user comfort.

It includes the Demand Response Lab and works directly with the Polygeneration Energy Container.

Weather StationWeather Station

(Estação Climática) DAVIS Vantage Pro2: https://app.weathercloud.net/map

This facility permits the local forecast, determining highs/lows, totals or averages; and obtain graphs for virtually all weather variables over the past 24 days, months or years, such as:

Weather VariablesOutside and Inside Temperature and Humidity
Weather VariablesBarometric Pressure
Weather VariablesDew Point
Weather VariablesRainfall
Weather VariablesDetachable Wind Speed and Direction
Weather VariablesUV and Global Solar Radiation.