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IN+ 25 Years 27/10/2023

On the 25th anniversary of IN+, we challenge you to come and discuss the future at a conference and dialog with young researchers, followed by dinner, music and lots and lots of conversation throughout the evening...

The conference starts at 5pm and will include opening presentations by Pedro Conceição, director of the Human Development Report ( and former IN+ researcher, as well as Siir KILKIS, IPCC Vice-Chair ("IPCC working Group AR7 WGIII") and senior researcher at TÜBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey,

At sunset, by 6:30 p.m., we will interrupt to present and distribute the book "25 years of Innovation, Technology and Policy Research", as well as to launch a serigraphy by the artist António Faria to mark the 25th anniversary of IN+. The book includes a compilation of the 25+ main results of IN+'s work over the last 25 years and the presentation of 25+ ideas for the future... 

But the dialog with young researchers will continue. Dinner will be served from 8 p.m. between cross-dialogues with the various generations of researchers and students who have worked at IN+, as well as with friends of IN+.

The sun doesn't rise until 7:59, so there will be time for music and, above all, lots of talks throughout the night...


Venue: to be announced by October 15th.

Program, October 27, 2023

16h30 | Opening and reception;
17h00 | Conference and dialog, with guest lectures by international experts and dialog with young researchers;
18:30 | Sunset break (18:43), to present the book "25 years of Innovation, Technology and Policy Research" and launch a serigraph by the artist António Faria;
20:00 | Dinner, followed by music; dialogues throughout the night, to the sound of music and with body dances;
7:59 on October 28 | Closing at sunrise.