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Seminar at DEM: Micro-To-Macro Approach for (Micro)Cooling Systems for Industrial Applications 09/02/2022

On February 9th, at 2 pm, Dr. Ana Moita will give a seminar on Micro-To-Macro Approach for (Micro)Cooling Systems for Industrial Applications. The event will take place at Amphitheater FA3.

Microscopic phenomena occurring at liquid-solid interfaces govern fluid flow and heat transfer mechanisms in different micro and macro industrial applications, such as in cooling systems. For instance, surfaces with customized micro/nano modified wetting patterns (reversible depending on the ambient conditions) can play a relevant role in controlling pool boiling heat transfer. However, the efficient development of such systems depends on the accurate understanding and control of the governing mechanisms. This seminar introduces a micro-to-macro scale approach for the development of cooling systems for industrial applications. A case study is presented, based on the development of a concentrated photovoltaic panel, integrated with a microchannel based cooling system, with micro/nanoenhanced interfaces, a collaborative project between IST, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro and Petrogal Brasil.

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