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Professor Marco Marengo teaches short course at IN+ 18/10/2017


Professor Marco Marengo from the University of Brighton is an invited senior research fellow at IN+. He will visit IN+ from 17th until 20th October to teach a course on Liquid Interface Dynamics and Thermodynamics at the Interfacial plus Micro-Scale Transport Phenomena Laboratory.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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October 18th

Seminar: Introduction to physics of liquid interfaces, drop and drop/wall interactions

10H00-13H:00 @ FA2, Informatics Pavilion
Part I: Drop impacts on cold surfaces

14H00-18H:00 @ FA2, Informatics Pavilion
Part II: Drop impacts on heated surfaces


The knowledge of the physics of liquid drops is essential for many applications, from aeronautics (icing) to oil extraction (effervescent spray, drop collisions in pipes), from electronics (spray cooling) to agriculture (pesticide distribution), from microfluidics (droplet management) to painting processes (spray coating), from biology (blood droplets, sterilization) to thermal transfer (condensation in heat exchangers), from chemistry (drying tower) to medical applications. The short course aims at providing an introduction to liquid interfaces and the physics of drops. Specific attention will be paid to the applications in life science, such as microdroplet management. In terms of mathematics and physics, the course is at the level of a good undergraduate and/or a Ph.D. degree.


  1. Introduction and basic concepts of drop physics. Gallery of basic phenomena, micro- to macro- scale (molecular dynamics/continuum approaches), contact angle, Young equation, Laplace pressure, Free Gibbs Energy, Marangoni effects.
  2. Introduction to fluid mechanics of liquid interfaces. Basic equations, Navier-Stokes equations for capillary flows, liquid jet break-up.
  3. Drop impact on dry and wetted surfaces. Morphology. Shallow and thick layers. Splashing correlations.
  4. Drop impact on heated surfaces. Introduction to drop impact onto heated surfaces. Impact regime maps. Transitions. Dynamic Leidenfrost temperature. Secondary atomization and splashing.
  5. Drop-drop collision. Phenomenology and collision regimes. Survey of modelling and simulation results.

About the Speaker

Margo Marengo

Professor Marco Marengo (bio) is a physicist devoted to engineering, and in particular to thermal engineering, with specific interests in heat and mass transfer, fluid mechanics, two-phase systems, heat pipes, liquid interfaces, physics of drops and sprays, surface wettability, CFD simulations and thermal simulations. His research is both experimental and numerical and spreads from classical topics such loop heat pipes and pool boiling to interdisciplinary fields, such as icing mitigation, drug drop interaction with the mucosa, microfluidics and micro-drop management, and space applications, such as satellite cooling and the development of new thermal devices for interplanetary exploration, such as Pulsating Heat Pipes.