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Calls for Innoenergy PhD School Open until November 5th 24/10/2017

Since 2011, Técnico Lisboa is a founding-member of Innoenergy and responsible for the PhD School in Iberia.

At the moment, the PhD School involves 150 students from more than 30 European universities (KTH, UPC, AGH, Eindhoven, KU Leuven, KIT, IMP Grenoble, etc.), including more than 20 PhD students from Técnico Lisboa.

The Innoenergy PhD School supports PhD sudents studying energy topics, such as smart cities, smart grids, smart buildings, storage, etc., like so:

  1. It funds courses that develop students' soft skills in the domain of energy (such as entrepreneurship, energy economics, leadership and communication, patent development), including travel, stay and tuition fees; these activities are offered by the school, and there is the possibility of doing an additional activity (Summer School, for example, in the areas of interest of the PhD candidates);
  2. It funds 6 months of international mobility, with a scholarship up to € 1500;
  3. It gives access to Innoenergy's network of companies for the development of innovation projects, which includes more than 100 European companies and research institutes in the field of energy.

Innoenergy welcomes students that show the following profile:

- proactive and ambitious PhD students wishing to be active players in the area of sustainability and energy, in addition to their doctoral work;

- PhD students who are already in the second year of their PhD, although they may be in the first year with a clear idea of what they will do;

- PhD students do not have to want to start their own companies, etc., but who want to boost the work they are doing in companies and other research centers.

Calls are open until November 5th.

Please contact Professor Carlos Santos Silva, from Innoenergy PhD School, CC Iberia Officer.

Innoenergy is an organization supported by the European Institute of Technology, which is funded by H2020, with the goal of develoing innovation in the area of energy and sustainability in Europe. To this end, Innoenergy finances activities in three areas: support to companies, support for the development of innovation projects in collaboration with companies and education in the field of energy (master's and PhD).