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IN+ researchers awarded best paper on HEFAT-ATE International Conference 04/10/2022

Congratulations to Pedro Pontes, Iva Gonçalves, António Moreira and Ana Moita for the best paper, awarded at the 16th International Conference On Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics And Thermodynamics and Editorial Board Of Applied Thermal Engineering HEFAT - ATE 2022
The presented work complements a numerical approach towards the optimization of a microchannel based heat sink and addresses the experimental characterization of the heat transfer processes in well-defined imposed heat fluxes, for flow boiling regimes in a single microchannel. Several studies have explored the use of microchannel heat sinks using a variety of working fluids, including nanofluids, but an efficient solution has not yet been achieved. Microchannel based heat sinks are pointed to have a strong potential to be used in cooling systems for applications requiring the dissipation of high heat loads, such as in electronics cooling, in the cooling of photovoltaic panels, among others.