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Dissertation thesis under supervision of Prof. Fernanda Margarido were awarded 11/11/2019

Two Master's students in Materials Engineering from IST, under supervision of Prof. Fernanda Margarido, were distinguished last week for their dissertation thesis, in an event organized by the Order of Engineers and the Portuguese Materials Society (SPM).

On November 6, 2019, World Materials Day was celebrated at the Regional Center of the Order of Engineers, in Coimbra. As usual, a prize-giving competition was organized to distinguish the best theses on Materials Science and Engineering from final year undergraduate students in Science and Engineering, including the Polytechnic Institutes, for the years 2017-2018 and 2018-2019. It is up to the departments of each university to propose their best theses for participation in this national competition.

Melissa Bacatelo and João Miguel Duarte were awarded with honorable mention in the Ordem dos Engenheiros and SPM Awards, respectively. Melissa's thesis is entitled "Recycling of Li-ion batteries from electric vehicles", while João Miguel Duarte's research is called "Recycling of Rare Earth Elements Contained on Fluorescent Lamps by Hydrometallurgical Processing".

Last year, another student supervised by Professor Fernanda Margarido was distinguished with an Honorable Mention at the SPM Award.