Sónia Martins da Cunha

PhD Candidate Industrial Ecology and Sustainability

Sónia Cunha concluded her Masters in Mechanical Engineering in 2015 from Instituto Superior Técnico and is currently enrolled in the MIT Portugal Sustainable Energy Systems PhD programme. Sónia is working as a researcher at IN+ Center for Innovation, Technology and Policy Research and is part of the Sharing cities project.

In her master thesis Sónia focused on the study of the impact of data availability and modelling software in building energy simulation. As a PhD student, Sónia working on developing tools and methodologies that can contribute to sustainable urban development, focusing particularly on local energy production potential and assessment of material flows and consumption. As part of the Sharing Cities project Sónia is contributing for the design and evaluation of the building retrofitting activities, development of sustainable energy management systems and sustainable energy planning systems and evaluation of the implemented actions within the project.

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