Naim Majdalani

PhD Candidate Industrial Ecology and Sustainability

Naim Majdalani is a PhD researcher in the field of Sustainable Energy Systems at IN+, Center for Innovation, Technology and Policy Research at Instituto Superior Técnico. He holds a Master in Physics from the University of Connecticut (the USA), and a European Master in Renewable Energy from the Hanze University of Applied Sciences (the Netherlands). Naim's Bachelor degree is in Physics from Williams College (Massachussets, the USA).

Previous work includes research at Hanze University of Applied Sciences in the project "MACREDES – Modelling a resilient decentralized energy system". Naim developed a multi-energy carrier model of the northern region of the Netherlands to evaluate the cost of different renewable energy integration pathways. For his master thesis Naim developed a finite element model of a thermo-chemical energy storage module to quantify heat losses during operation of different module configurations.

He was  involved in the project "FIRST -  mapping flexibility of urban energy systems project"; modelling and optimizing archetypical domiciles to quantify their flexibility of time-shifting of cooling and heating demand.

He is now part of the POCITYF project, an EU-funded smart city project that will help historical cities participate in the energy transition while respecting their cultural heritage.

Naim's main areas of professional interest include the development of new district-scale cooling and heating technologies and installations, and methodologies to develop decision support tools for urban planning and energy reduction in cities.