Miguel Campino

PhD Candidate Thermofluids, Combustion and Energy Systems

Miguel Campino received the M.Sc Degree in Mechanical Engineering (2021) from Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa. He is currently currently enrolled in the LARSyS PhD Programme focus on Sustainable Energy Systems. In his master thesis, developed in the area of transportation, Miguel focused on the propulsion management of a plug-in hybrid vehicle, developing a metric capable of bridge the gap between the test cycles under real conditions of use and the use given by the consumer though forecasting methods. As a PhD student, Miguel is working to assess the real impacts of using light and heavy-duty vehicles with one or more propulsion sources at the driver and city level, through mobility and charging profiles. Also, Miguel is working to extrapolate these impacts to an energy, environmental and economic analysis of the vehicle’s lifecycle and their influence on national energy vectors contributing for the design of a realistic implementation of a refueling/charging smart infrastructure.