Gonçalo Araújo

PhD Candidate Industrial Ecology and Sustainability

Throughout my BSc and MSc in Architecture at Técnico Lisboa I always demonstrated a keen interest for innovative and adaptable methodologies in my projects. This led me to a mobility program at Tongji University in Shanghai, China, where I lived, studied, and worked for a year. While travelling around China, I came across several different realities of Urban and Architectural settings, from under-developed Uyghur settlements to Asian megacities. These experiences alerted me to the current population and urbanization growth, and the challenging future of humankind.

Since then I steered the final steps of my masters degree into researching innovative design and construction methodologies that aimed to reduce consumptions while maximizing performance. After concluding my masters cum laude and with multiple publications, I started pursuing my Ph.D in Sustainable Energy Systems. I am currently developing my thesis, focusing on the automation of analyses and optimization frameworks for urban and architectural practices where I focus on two pillars of urban analyses: Energy and Mobility.