Francisco Pires Costa

Researcher Industrial Ecology and Sustainability

Francisco was born in Lisbon. He has been involved in education and engineering since his pre-bolonha Management and Industrial Engineering degree in LEGI-IST. He has worked in building HVACC, IoT, Renewables, Robotics, Automation, Mechatronics projects for Industry and Residential Sectors. Has created start-ups in these fields. Has been lecturer for ISQ and several other Professional Education Institutions, both in Private and Public Sector. Has been 3 years in Engineering Faculty as Laboratories Coordinator and Lecturer in Luanda, Angola where often represented Faculty in Government and International events, and supervised students in Mechatronics, Energy, Industrial and Computer Science Engineering. Collaborates with African, European and American developers and researchers. Is member of an international Data Science Academy, and Spatial GIS community. Has Diploma of Advanced Studies in Sustainability, Energy and Systems by MIT Portugal Program. In IN+ as Urban Researcher Participates in Summer School, Suscity and FIRST among other projects.

Interests / Roles:
•  Consulting
•  Enterpreneur
•  Lecturer
•  Researcher

Interests / Domains:
•  Data Engineer, Data Science, GIS, Quant and Full Stack Developer
•  Investing, Project, Programme and Portfolio Evaluation and Engineer