Catarina Rolim

Doctorate Researcher Industrial Ecology and Sustainability

Catarina Rolim has a Bachelor degree in Psychology (2004), in the field of Educational Psychology (Institute of Applied Psychology in Lisbon) and a Ph.D. in Sustainable Energy Systems (2016), Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon, Portugal.

Her Ph.D. research program focused on assessing the impacts of Information and Communication Technologies such as on-board monitoring devices and of feedback (e.g. real time and email reports) given to drivers on their driving behaviour performance and consequent impacts in terms of driving patterns, safety, energy consumption and pollutants emissions. Besides her Ph.D. activities Catarina was also involved in several projects focused mainly on focused on other themes such as adoption impacts of alternative vehicle technologies (e.g. electric vehicles, electric bikes) and innovative transportations solutions (e.g. car-sharing) on mobility patterns and on the environment.

Catarina is now a post-doctoral researcher at IN+ Center for Innovation, Technology and Policy Research, at Technical University of Lisbon. In her post-doctoral post, she is pursuing her research in the sustainable development of cities, with a strong focus on the crucial role of user engagement in the successful implementation of emerging smart and sustainable cities and technologies applied in the several dimensions of a city, such as mobility, energy, buildings, quality of life, etc.

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