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ULisboa launched new program of Education in Entrepreneurship 05/01/2023

The University of Lisbon launched a new program of Education in Entrepreneurship, within the scope of the Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Impact initiative, aimed at its Undergraduate, Masters and Doctorate Students, in which the ULisboa Schools offer curricular units in entrepreneurship and innovation.

This initiative aims to encourage interdisciplinarity and student mobility between the various ULisboa Schools and promote an environment and culture favorable to open innovation and entrepreneurship, leading to the joint creation of social, cultural and economic value.

The application period and respective ranking, under the responsibility of the School of origin, takes place during the usual period for choosing optional Curricular Units or on other dates that are bilaterally agreed by the Schools, the request being transmitted to the School where the Curricular Unit is being offered.

The application to Curricular Units that are not intended for curricular integration in the cycle of studies in which the student is enrolled may also occur, but under the registration regime in isolated Curricular Units in place in the Schools that offer the desired curricular units.

For further information and to learn about the available course units, open the following link: