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UBike Portugal - Operation Técnico 22/10/2018

The UBike Portugal Project - Operation Técnico provides electric bicycles to the academic community of Instituto Superior Técnico through a long-term rental model with a symbolic fee. The objective is to create and establish habits of regular use of this mode of transportation.

If you are an IST student, fellow or employee, you can apply to have an electric UBike assigned for your daily commuting. The UBike Portugal Project - Operation Técnico aims to promote active mobility by encouraging the use of bicycles in urban areas, in accordance with national strategies for a sustainable mobility as part of a larger national project coordinated by the Institute of Mobility and Transport, I.P. (IMT).

Each semester, a new candidate will be drawn. The temporary assignment of a UBike bicycle is valid for the period of one semester, with the assignment agreement being automatically monthly renewed without any formalities, as long as the minimum traveled distance is met by the user (150 km/month).

Click here to apply for an electric Ubike.

The rules for the use of UBikes can be found here.

Further information is available at UBike Portugal - Operation Tecnico Facebook Page