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The waste management revolution is coming 30/04/2020

Bee2WasteCrypto is one of the 25 R&D projects selected within the scope of the “Go Portugal - Global Science and Technology Partnerships Portugal”, a competition launched by ANI and FCT. The project, approved under the framework of the CMU Portugal Program, aims to bring a revolution to the waste management sector - as the energy sector did 20 years ago - by developing a new and innovative IT tool that may contribute to empower Regional Waste Management Utilities (RWMU) and to promote new citizen behavior in terms of waste generation and handling.

Municipal waste represents only around 10% of the total waste generated in the EU, but looking at the numbers we find that in 2016 europeans generate on average 480 kg of municipal waste per person, 46% of which was recycled or composted, while a quarter was landfilled. As municipal waste is one of the most complex streams to manage, due to its diverse composition, its large amount of producers and fragmentation of responsibilities, there is an enormous potential to maximize the economic dimension and minimize its environmental impact, under a circular economy framework. In the near future, waste management companies will be able to leverage their business and share part of their profit to citizens, contributing to a circular economy and a more sustainable environment.

Bee2WasteCrypto crosses Data Science, BlockChain Technologies and Waste management to provide a fully integrated solution to design waste management solutions from waste production to waste transformation in useful resources. Leaded by COMPTA Emerging Business (CEB) in collaboration with 3 Drivers, Instituto Superior Técnico/IN+, Nova Information Management School and the Civil and Environmental Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, the project has an eligible investment (private and public) of 2.701.173,98€.