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New regulation of self-consumption of electric energy includes storage and new forms of energy sharing 16/04/2021

The Energy Services Regulatory Authority (ERSE) recently announced the new Regulation for Self-consumption of electric energy, which now introduces “a more complete framework of rules” as well as the possibility of storage and sharing electricity within renewably energy communities.

ERSE announced that a new pilot project will be launched in 2021 to test more sophisticated electricity sharing algorithms and that other pilot projects that intend to test innovative solutions within the scope of self-consumption can be presented.

The new regulation comes about a year after the first regulation was approved. In addition to the experience gained with the application of the regulation, it considers the comments received in public consultation (Public Consultation No. 93), where we can find important contributions from Diana Fernandes and Diana Neves.

The contributions, the Public Consultation report and the final regulation are publicly available (in Portuguese).