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Louis Jewell received Etat de Vaud Award 26/10/2020

Louis Jewell, a guest Master student from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) that spent last year researching at IN+, received the État de Vaud Award for his Master's thesis entitled "Designing a neighbourhood energy infrastructure: Applying a novel framework to Lisbon". The Etat de Vaud award is intended to reward a Master's project presenting an original solution which promotes the rational use of energy.

Jewell's research introduced a novel framework for the design of urban energy systems for neighbourhoods, which was applied in the case study of the Vale de Santo António, a neighbourhood to be built by the Municipality of Lisbon within the scope of the Renda Acessível (Affordable Rent) program. By combining innovative software from the field of urban building energy modelling, the research provided high-granular information with regard to the future energy demand and its most appropriate infrastructure.

The project was developed in collaboration with the Center for Innovation, Technology and Policy Research - IN+ and the EPFL spin-off Urbio. The thesis was supervised by Dr Nils Schüler, Dr Sébastien Cajot and Prof. François Maréchal (EPFL), as well as Dr Ricardo Gomes and Prof. Carlos Santos Silva (IN+).

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