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José Mariano Gago Prospective Analysis Award 27/10/2022

The José Mariano Gago Prospective Analysis Award is promoted by Fundação Oriente and The Institute for Prospective Studies (IP - “Instituto de Prospectiva”) and aims to stimulate research activities on prospective analysis and the involvement of young researchers in this type of analysis and transdisciplinary studies, valuing the legacy of José Mariano Gago in this area, in Portugal and in Europe.

The José Mariano Gago Prospective Analysis Award is awarded biannually since 2022, in the form of a grant in the amount of 10,000 Euros (ten thousand Euros) by Fundação Oriente for the pursuit of research work and prospective studies during a period of up to two years after the award is awarded.



Young teachers and researchers, of Portuguese or foreign origin, up to the age of 40, can apply, provided that they have obtained their doctoral degree less than 10 years before the opening of the competition and that they intend to work in these matters in Portugal, at least in the year following the award of the prize.


Application Process

Applications must be based on a written proposal for a innovative prospective research work of a multidisciplinary and international scope, oriented towards one or both of the following themes:

  • Prospective analysis of the evolution of Portugal's academic, scientific and technological capacity and its relationship with the social, economic, environmental and cultural development of Portugal in the international context;
  • Prospective analysis of the evolution of cooperation for development, with an emphasis on the evolution of the Global East and on Portugal's relationship with that evolution.

Applications must be written in English with a maximum number of 20 pages and submitted in an electronic form available for this purpose on the Fundação Oriente website, at, until the deadline indicated in the “Call for Applications”. It is to be submitted together with Curriculum of the tenderer(s), also in English.

Preference will be given to works of a multidisciplinary scope that include, whenever possible and appropriate, comparative analysis of an international scope, with a special focus on the European Area. Works that exclusively include statistical analysis, without including analysis of social, economic, demographic, cultural, environmental, scientific, or technological processes, will not be accepted.

Applications can be individual or collective, and there must always be a responsible researcher.


Assessment Criteria

The evaluation and selection process is based on the following four criteria:
Merit of the work proposal presented, which is intended to be of high scientific merit in the field of foresight with social, economic, demographic, environmental, scientific or technological impact;
Contribution of the work presented to the strengthening of research and prospective studies in Portugal;
Curriculum of the young researcher(s), including type of publications and level of internationalization;
Scientific and institutional merit of the institution and the host team of the researcher(s), together with the commitment of the work to be carried out in Portugal, at least during the year following the awarding of the prize.
The evaluation will be carried out by an Evaluation Panel made up of experts of recognized merit, appointed jointly by Fundação Oriente and Instituto for Prospective Studies (IP – Instituto de Prospectiva).



Applications must be submitted by the 31st of December of the calendar year to which the call for tenders opens, 31st of January of 2023 in accordance with the regulations in force. The announcement of the Award will be made until March 31 of the following year. The communication of the decision will be made in writing to all candidates.



10.000,00 Euro


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