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IN+ researchers developed tool to improve environmental performance of buildings 24/10/2022

The circularity plugin offers a BIM-based circularity assessment by calculating and allowing real time 3D visualisation of circularity indicators at material, product, system and building levels. It also offers information on the amount of origin material (reused, recovered, recycled and virgin material), end-of-life strategy (for recycling, for reuse and linear waste) and connections between elements.

The BIM-based circularity assessment can be performed at every stage of buildings’ life cycle. It is required a BIM model containing information about the materials and the connections between elements. The plugin was developed by Joana Fernandes and Prof. Paulo Ferrão (the IN+ team in the project) and programmed by Joana Fernandes and Artur Tomczak (NTNU) in Dynamo Revit. This tools is open access and can be downloaded from Github Repository under

This plugin was developed within Circular EcoBIM project, which aims to create a set of BIM based tools to help architects and building managers to improve the environmental performance and increase the amount of reused, recovered and recycled construction materials and enable a circular construction model.