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IN+ researcher wins international competition for decarbonization of the energy sector 28/02/2023

IN+ researcher and PhD candidate at Técnico, engineer João dos Santos, won the first place in the 112CO2EU Consortium Challenge, which awarded the best proposals for the challenge "Opportunities for integrating methane decomposition with other processes". The winning proposal was based on his doctoral work plan in Sustainable Energy Systems, supervised by professors Paulo Ferrão (IN+) and Rui Vasco Silva (CERIS), and was distinguished by the environmental impact, scalability and ease of implementation, surpassing other international proposals of great scientific value. The researcher will receive a monetary award of 16 thousand euros to conduct his research, and in a second phase, after the presentation and evaluation of a final report, may receive an additional award of 24 thousand euros.

"I am very honored to have been distinguished for my simple contribution to the path of an inclusive energy transition of existing energy sources and vectors with more rational and more efficient use," said João dos Santos. "I cannot forget that contributed immensely to this result, the environment, the resources and the support of a scientific research team of international quality that I found at IST in general and at IN+ in particular."

The 112CO2 project, funded by the European Commission, proposes socially acceptable, sustainable and easy to implement technology to rapidly decarbonize the energy sector at competitive prices. The aim of the project is to develop science and technology for the low-temperature methane decomposition reaction, which allows to produce hydrogen without carbon oxides from natural gas, biogas and synthetic methane. With this competition, it intends to attract highly qualified and motivated top quality teams to enhance the impact of the project between academia, industry and society.