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Contributions to EU Public Consultation on Digitalising the Energy Sector 23/09/2021

The European Comission had an open consultation on a EU action plan on the digitalisation of the energy sector, aiming to help developing a competitive market for digital energy services and digital energy infrastructure that are cyber-secure, efficient and sustainable. One of the biggest challenges of this initiative is to create synergies between the various legal instruments and financial support for data exchange projects at national and EU level, needed to ensure proper links between different parts of the energy supply chain and the launch of new digital solutions that are interoperable at EU level, scalable, with system integration and with participation.

Diana Vieira Fernandes, researcher and PhD Candidate at the Laboratory of Industrial Ecology and Sustainability at IN+, made some contributions with special focus on main regulatory issues, from energy-related directives, as well as the new proposals on data and AI regulation.

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