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IN+ visited ISA for a seminar on ‘Biofuels versus Traditional Fuels’ 30/11/2017

Professor Edgar Fernandes, director of Thermofluids, Combustion and Energy Systems, visited Instituto Superior de Agronomia (ISA) on November 29, at the invitation of Professor Elizabeth Duarte, for a seminar on Biofuels versus Traditional Fuels prepared for her class of 'Renewable Bioenergy and Conversion Processes'.

To discuss combustion and the burning of biofuels – such as biogas – Professor Edgar Fernandes took João Toipa and Filipe Quintino, both Master’s research fellows at IN+. During the seminar, the group discussed the traditional issues of combustion and the transfer of those same issues to the burning of biogas and its composition diagnosis in real time. Filipe Quintino addressed the application of chemiluminescence to monitor biogas combustion and João Toipa exhibited results from the application of a medium infrared sensor to measure the biogas composition in real time.

The seminar on Biofuels versus Traditional Fuels took place in the context of a partnership between IN+ and ISA for the biogas diagnosis and monitoring. Previous work completed in the context of this partnership took IN+ and ISA to the 25th EUBCE in Stockholm last June 2017.

Biogas Diagnosis and Monitoring