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H2 enrichment impact on the chemiluminescence of biogas/air premixed flames 15/01/2020

The light emitted in combustion reactions, i.e. flame chemiluminescence, is essential in the use of optics control systems to manage pollutant emissions and performance in equipment. In this work, authores by Nuno Rocha, Filipe Quintino and Edgar Fernandes, the chemiluminescence of hydrogen in H2-enriched biogas flames was characterized to infer crucial combustion parameters. It was found that the emission in particular wavelengths, associated with OH*, CH*, C2* and CO2* species, can be used to quantify the air/fuel ratio in the flame. The results demonstrate that a control system for equipments operating with H2/biogas blends based on flame chemiluminescence can be used to ensure adequate operation. A step further in the development of an hydrogen economy.

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