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Closure of multinationals: the capital that stands 27/09/2018

"Closure of multinationals: the capital that stands" is a study with co-authorship of IN+ that analyzes the importance of human capital for multinational companies. Coordinated by Pedro de Faria (University of Groningen, former researcher of IN+), Miguel Torres Preto (IN+), António Ribeiro (IST) and Wolfgang Sofka and Andreas Distel (Copenhagen Business School), the project will be presented on October 3, at the Conference on Economy and Competitiveness 2018 (Jornada da Economia e da Competitividade 2018), at Casa da Música in Oporto.

This event, organized by Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation (FFMS), will present three new studies supported by the foundation that analyze the level of diversification and complexity of the Portuguese economy, the importance of human capital for multinationals and the impact of creation of new companies in wage inequality. There will be room for debates with the participation of specialists and entrepreneurs and it will have live streaming.

The entry is free upon registration.
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