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6th Gago Conference on European Science Policy (supercomputing) 25/09/2023

The European Commission and the Government of Spain will be represented at the European Gago Supercomputing Conference, which takes place in Spain on the occasion of the Presidency of the Council of the EU, and a high representation is expected from Portugal and Turkey as partners with Spain of the MareNostrum5 (MN5) supercomputer, together with Croatia.

The Gago Conferences are an international forum to strengthen the debate on emerging research and innovation policy issues in Europe and promote the necessary involvement of key stakeholders in policy making and knowledge dissemination in science education and culture, as well as to strengthen international networked scientific and technological cooperation in Europe to achieve a positive impact on a global scale.

Under the title "How can advanced informatics contribute to shaping our common future in times of growing uncertainty and instability?", particularly the emerging trends in the increasing digitization of our communities and economies will be discussed, in terms of the growing global relevance of the Global South, and the critically relevant role of Europe-Latin America and Europe-Africa cooperation, as well as the opportunities for Europe to foster South-South cooperation.

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