The Centre for Innovation, Technology and Policy Research IN+ is a cross-disciplinary research venue acting to enhance the integration of scientific research in technology, innovation and public policies, with the final goal of promoting sustainable applications for science, industry, and society.

Institutionally, IN+ operates at Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon, and is one of the members of the associate laboratory LARSyS, funded by the National Science Foundation (FCT).

IN+ brings together talented researchers from various academic backgrounds, who join efforts on the issues of sustainable innovation. It has grown to integrate competencies in sustainable energy systems, technology policy, and advanced socio-economic research methods, linking three major research areas, often called Laboratories.

Our Strategy is set to achieve a sustainable society through cooperation with industry and communities and by fostering a scientific and technological culture. We hope to improve the industrial and societal assimilation of knowledge, through an interactive approach that considers the overall value-chains associated with industrial, corporate and social processes.

To complete these goals, we welcome university students and other researchers interested in discussing challenges and new opportunities for engineering systems and the related policy implications.