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IN+ researcher awarded for master thesis on Industry 4.0 15/01/2021

João Bentes de Jesus was awarded with the prize António Dornelas 2020, intended to reward scientific or technical works prepared by students, researchers and university professors, in the areas of work, employment, professional training and labor relations. Industry 4.0 Impact on Employment in Portugal - A Special Look into the Metal, Automotive and Other Transport Equipment Sectors & Aerospace Related Professions is the title of his Master Thesis. The work analyses the metal, automotive and other transport equipment sectors, looking into the companies that constitute them, their employees and their robot acquisitions, aiming to address the concerns regarding the future of jobs, by studying how the increase in number of robots affects the companies’ revenues, the employment numbers in these sectors and the wages earned by the workers. A special look was taken into professions related to aerospace, aiming to characterize the aerospace sector in the scope of Industry 4.0.

This thesis was developed in the framwork of the Work of the Future project, under supervision of Joana Mendonça.

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