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Circular Economy Action Plan in public consultation 19/10/2023

The public consultation on the Action Plan for the Circular Economy (PAEC) is open until November 24. Proposed for 2023-2027, the PAEC aims the transition to a regenerative, productive and inclusive economic and social development model. Regenerative, consuming fewer resources, preventing and, where this is not possible, offsetting pollution, promoting carbon neutrality and eliminating waste. Efficient, producing more with less and extending the useful life of products. Productive, decoupling economic growth from resource use and maximizing economic value per quantity of resource used. Three pillars for the sustainable growth of the economy, respecting the limits of the planet and enabling social inclusion, where everyone will be involved in the transition to a more circular economy.
IN+ researchers Fernanda Margarido, Paulo Ferrão and Lindsey Wuisan took part in drawing up this document, a joint initiative of the Portuguese Environment Agency and the Directorate-General for Economic Activities.