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Biodevices 2020 02/03/2020

From 24th to 26th February, took place in in Valetta, Malta, the BIODEVICES 2020, one of the 4 conferences that form the great BIOSTEC conference.

Dr. Ana Moita, in addition to composing, since 2018, the scientific committee of the conference, participated with the article «Bohinikova, A., Maia, I., Smieskova, M., Buganova, A., Moita, A.S., Cimrak, I., Lima, R. (2020) Assessment of computational cell mode benefits for optimization of microfluidic devices. 13th International Joint Conference on Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies, Biodevices 2020, 24-26 February, Valletta, Malta.»

The article was presented by Alzbetka Bohinikova, from the University of Zilina in Slovakia, a PhD student who interned at IN+ under the guidance of Ana Moita, between September and December 2019. This work results from this collaboration.