Alexandre Amado

Researcher Industrial Ecology and Sustainability

Alexandre graduated in Territorial Engineering at IST - UL and holds three postgraduate diplomas (Sanitary Engineering at FCT-UNL; Geographic Information Systems applied to the Earth Sciences at FC - UL; Regional and Urban Planning at ISA - UL) and one Advanced Studies Diploma in Territory, Environment and Sustainable Development - FCT-UNL.

He has been developing research in IN+, on projects such as: MeSUr - Metrics framework for Urban Metabolism Sustainability; SouthZEB - nZEB training in the Southern EU countries - Maintaining building traditions; SusCity - Urban data driven models for creative and resourceful urban transitions. He has also colaborated in the designing and maintenance of websites and colaborated in the developement of the MEMO Webmap – Land Use Evolution in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area (

Previously, he worked as Hydraulic Engineer, in different consulting companies, in several projects of water supply and wastewater systems and road drainage projects.