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CIENCIAVITAE platform is replacing DeGóis and FCT SIG 23/01/2019

Our fellow Sandra Dias attended a clarification session on  CIENCIAVITAE and shared some important information tips.

Since January 1st 2019, DeGóis is no longer allowing to create new CVs and FCT SIG will end this feature from March 1st 2019. Both platforms will allow editing existing CVs until July 1st 2019 but will cease in 2021.

All researchers should create a CiênciaID (which does not replace FCT personal identifier) and create their CV at CIENCIAVITAE. It is possible to migrate existing CVs from both eGóis and FCT SIG to CIENCIAVITAE. Once the latter does not automatically fill the fields, it is suggested to first import deGóis.

CIENCIAVITAE can be synchronized with the ORCID, however this synchronization makes Ciência Vitae the default source for ORCID, which can result in some problems. The platform can also be integrated with other national systems such as DGEEC and DGES.

In order for the FCT to be able to view the CV and access the data that will be evaluated, this fields can not be private. During 24 hours after submission, the CV can not be changed.

It is possible to chose Postdoc as a professional category as well as its type of financing: payed by FCT (sponsorship), payed through project (put ref. of the project and part-of, which is also used, for instance, when you have a chapter in a book allowing to put both doi).

The clarification session presentaion is available here.

CIENCIAVITAE frequently asked questions are available here.