About Urban Analytics

Urban Analytics IN+Summer School offers a unique opportunity to explore design, techniques and tools to design a scientifically sound research of urban settings. The program will progress from data collection, storage and processing, through data analysis and interpretation, to visual presentation of the results. During the course, the following tools will be covered: a geographic information system tool (ArcGIS or QGIS), a programming language for data analysis (e.g. Python), an energy modelling tool (e.g. EnergyPlus), an urban mobility tool (TBD), and a data visualization tool (e.g. Tableau).

We will explore actual applications of these tools through tutorials and hands-on exercises featuring real data collected in Lisbon. The combination of presentations from invited experts and practitioners talks, tutorials, hands-on sessions and field tours, we will provide a comprehensive overview of data analysis process and tools while applying them to real-world data to address the contemporary urban challenges.

Preliminary Program

Please see further details listed below.

Eligibility criteria

  • A PhD candidate interested in acquiring a comprehensive introduction to analytical tools for urban evaluation
  • A Master’s student with research experience and interest in developing urban analytics skills
  • A junior professional or a researcher interested in expanding their skill sets

What you will learn

  • About the contemporary challenges of urban environments
  • Ways to address these issues through an appropriately designed research
  • How to select and apply appropriate software tools to process, analyse and present data
  • How to integrate these tools together to streamline the data analysis process and to construct a holistic research narrative

See Software & Resources for more information.

What you will do

Students will follow the stages of data analysis

  • research design
  • data collection
  • data processing and storage
  • data analysis and interpretation
  • visual communication of the results

Course Format

  • keynote lectures and talks
  • software tutorials
  • hands-on sessions
  • networking session
  • scheduled visits of Lisbon

See Preliminary Program for more information.

Fee and Registration

  • Early bird 400 euros (until April 28th)
  • Regular fee 450 euros (until May 20th)
  • Local participants (no accommodation) 350 euros (until April 28th)

See our F.A.Q for more on what our fee includes.

Official Course Language

Course will be provided in English.

We strongly recommend reading our F.A.Q. for any questions you might have on logistics and eligibility criteria.

Still have questions about applying? Please do not hesitate in contacting us: summerschool@in3.tecnico.ulisboa.pt