Session 1 – Innovation policy and management
The relative importance of environmental policy and changing learning strategies in the adoption and implementation of CHP-installations in the Dutch paper and board industry
CHAPPIN, Maryse M.H. (Utrecht University)
China as Public Venture Capitalist: Attainment and Policies
WANG, Emily Xiaoxia (George Mason University)
Chilean National Innovation Strategy for long-term competitiveness: Which areas should be focused on?
HILDEBANDT, Vinka (University of Cambridge)
Innovation in Portugal: Cooperation and Spillovers as Determinants of Innovation
FARIA, Pedro (IST)
Managing uncertainties in the transition towards sustainability: the case of micro-CHP in the Netherlands
MEIJER, Ineke S.M. (Utrecht University)
Air quality and intelligent transportation systems: Case studies in integrated innovation, deployment and adaptation of public technologies
DODDER, Rebecca (MIT)
Session 2 – Energy policy and management
Nuclear Power Plant Sitting
BREDIMAS, Alexandre (University of Cambridge)
Using installed distributed generation for meeting peak electricity demand: The costs, air quality and human health effects
GILMORE, Elisabeth(Carnegie Mellon University)
Life-cycle comparisons of future coal and natural gas based energy production
JARAMILLO, Paulina (Carnegie Mellon University)
Transition towards a sustainable energy system
PATIL, Anish(Delft University of Technology)
Strategic Development of Chilean Long Term Energy Supply
GUELL-SAAVEDRA, Rodrigo (University of Cambridge)
Session 3 – Aspects of technological learning
Evaluating the impact of advanced vehicle technologies in U.S. Light-duty vehicle fleet
Technological learning in offshore wind energy: linking policies and performance
SMIT, Thijs (Utrecht University)
Technology and Trade Facilitation in South Asia
BANERJEE, Pritam (George Mason University)
Understanding the effects of the architectural evolution of critical infrastructure: evidence from the deployment of broadband by municipal electric utilities in the United States
OSORIO, Carlos A. (MIT)
Are efforts to increase the training of high-technology personnel succeeding?
VEGA, Henry (George Mason University)
Session 4 – Developing models to support decision making
Oil price influence on CO2 storage costs with enhanced oil recovery
McCOY, Sean T. (Carnegie Mellon University)
Uncertainty in the risk assessment for adverse reproductive outcomes due to DBPS in drinking water
FRANCIS, Royce (Carnegie Mellon University)
Policy implications of the waste management dynamics: The interrelationships between resource use and waste production, collection and recovery
A social technical system approach to technology, policy and management
OTTENS, Maarten M. (Delft University of Technology)
CO2 from ambient air: Costs and energy requirements for an example system
STORALOFF, Joshuah (Carnegie Mellon University)
Session 5 – Social aspects of ICTs
The impact of Telecommunications on low-income earners – policies and strategies for implementation
MULLIGAN, Catherine (University of Cambridge)
Human selection of mnemonic phrase-based passwords
KUO, Cynthia (Carnegie Mellon University)
France's videotex and Korean online games: two case studies of technology policy as myth, modernity and mess
CHEE, Florence (Simon Fraser University)
Fair Dealing - the Art of Sharing
NAIR, Meera (Simon Fraser University)
Improving TCP Performance in Mobile Satellite Communications
OMUETI, Modupe (Simon Fraser University)
Vulnerability assessment of a drinking water distribution system
THOMPSON, Stacia (Carnegie Mellon University)
Assessing the Impact of Technology-Based Economic Development in the U.S. States
HAMILTON, Matthew T. (Carnegie Mellon University)
Closing the electrification gap: a systems approach to energy development in Africa
Extending the vision of Innovation & Technology Policy for the aging world
LAU, Jasmine (MIT)
A Process to Find and Suggest Flexibility Areas, Extract Value from Uncertainty, and Assess Value Added Using Real Options Analysis and Platform Methodology for the Design of Engineering Systems
CARDIN, Michel-Alexandre (MIT)
Cost Effectiveness of End Use Technologies for Carbon Mitigation and Energy Conservation: A Comparison Between the EU and the US
AZEVEDO, Inęs, (Carnegie Mellon University)
The Challenge of Industrial Symbiosis: Eco industrial parks as a tool for regional development
Return Migration and the Development of Technological Entrepreneurship in China
EHLE, Gretchen (George Mason University)
Evaluation of Research Groups: An Endogenous Approach
REYES-GONZALEZ, Leonardo (Carnegie Mellon University)