The Technology, Management and Policy Graduate Consortium brings together graduate students involved in research across different technical fields who seek to develop and implement effective strategies for dealing with the risks and opportunities associated with those technologies. Each university decides on the number of students it will nominate for the Consortium meeting and the organizers then determine the program based on the abstracts submitted. Not everyone nominated will necessarily be invited to attend. Awards are given for the best papers and presentations.

The Graduate Consortium in June 2014 will be organized together with an IRGC Risk-Governance Research workshop (see http://www.irgc.org/ for details) that is oriented toward helping young doctoral researchers, post-doctoral researchers, and first year assistant professors to network and to develop a global community of scholarship research in emerging risk governance issues.

Graduate students, post-doctoral researchers and faculty will be brought together to present their recent work and discuss emerging themes in technology, management and policy, with a focus on risk-based regulation as a risk management option. The meeting will build upon the framework established under the IRGC Academic Network, which aims to encourage and facilitate collaborative research and education activities.