Muriela Pádua


Muriela Pádua is a researcher at IN+, IST since September 2008. Muriel completed her Ph.D. in the field of technological innovation. The title of her PhD was Search models and ill structured problems: a case study on the development of an HIV vaccine. Her PhD was carried at the University of Brighton, under the supervision of Professor Nick von Tunzelmann and John Bessant. Her research interests lie in the area of biomedical innovation, with a special focus on vaccines. In recent years, she has worked on ways to stretch the bounded rationality hypothesis to characterizes processes of generation of novelty that take place in a context of emerging science and technology (e.g., when the scientific and technological principles guiding innovation are not clear yet) as well as related organizational and governance aspects. Additional interests include work on personalized medicine, an emergent scientific and technological area as well as processes of development in the context of intermediate economies with a focus on biomedical innovation. More recent interests include work on perceptions of risk of lay people in relation to diabetes.

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