Maria Raimundo

PhD Candidate Technology Management and Policy

I have a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, a masters in Bioentrepreneurship from Karolinska Institute, and I’m currently pursuing my PhD studies with the MIT Portugal program within the genetic testing industry. Academically, I had the opportunity to perform research at the University of Basel in the Sports Medicine Department, by applying mHealth technologies to urban commuting. I also applied mHealth technologies to address NCDs in developing countries, as a consultant at the United Nations. However, I started to be curious about the startup world and began a new journey by working at a software startup in Switzerland as a Business Development Manager and dealing with Top 500 Fortune companies in order to provide patentable innovations for product portfolio value increase. When I moved back to Portugal, I was part of IST’s spinoff HeartGenetics team as a Senior Marketing and Sales Strategist to help develop new products and plan market access strategies for improved customer experience and adoption. All these experiences enabled me to find my passion, namely combining my knowledge and interest in eHealth and mHealth with Personalized Medicine initiatives.