Francisco Capucha

Researcher Industrial Ecology and Sustainability

Hello, my name is Francisco Capucha, I have a master’s degree in Material Science and Engineering obtained in March 2019 and I am specializing in the area of Sustainable Development, specifically Material Flow Analysis, Life Cycle Assessment and Critical Raw Materials.

Currently working as a researcher for the collaborative lab ‘C5LAB – Sustainable Construction Materials Association’, a collaborative lab is a collaboration between corporations and research institutes.

My working group is based in the 'Laboratory of Waste Processing Management' in the 'Industrial Ecology and Sustainability' working together with the Portuguese cement industry, with the objective (among others) to thoroughly assess the life cycle of cement to help the Portuguese cement industry reach carbon neutrality by 2050.

Previously I was researching Flows and Stock of Critical Raw Materials within EEE in Portugal and within Electric Light Duty Vehicles in the EU-27.

I spent a period of six months in 2014/2015 as an Erasmus Exchange student at 'Technische Universiteit Delft' in the Netherlands, and I also worked 6 months in 2015 as an engineer trainee for the Offshore Engineering company 'Allseas', researching methods to increase the resistance against underwater metal-to-earth wear.

I volunteered for 4 years in the non-profit association 'Erasmus Student Network Lisboa', having the role of Vice President between 2017 and 2018.  As hobbies, I am very keen on DIY projects and 3D Printing, owning one 3D Printer.