About Lisbon

LISBON is the capital of Portugal, the westernmost country of Europe, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and Spain.

Portugal has a rich culture echoed in its flamboyant folklore, the Fado, differentiated architecture, including its dazzling tiles and sidewalks, distinct painting and literature references... A contemporary, cosmopolitan, and entrepreneurial country that excels without overlooking the importance of hospitality.

Its capital Lisbon, true to form, is a historical city full of stories to tell, intermixed with cultural entertainment and hi-tech innovation, flanked by seven hills that extend to the vast Tagus estuary.

The sun shines 290 days a year and the temperature rarely drops below 15ºC. It is the perfect city for the most demanding events: sunny, full of movement and interesting things to do, offering excellent venues and hotels.


A Smart City

Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, has a smart city strategy which sets the citizens and their needs at its core. Technology is just a means to an end: the city aims to become smart, sustainable, competitive, participatory, creative, innovative and citizen-centric. In becoming smarter, Lisbon’s main objectives include attracting more people to the city by promoting energy efficient housing, e-mobility, smart living and smart ageing solutions. All of Lisbon’s activities aim to contribute to a better quality of life in the city, through greater energy efficiency, mobility and improved social cohesion.

A preview of our data

Lisbon´s ten square kilometre demonstrator area has 100,000 inhabitants. This strategic location stretches from the riverfront to the centre of the city and includes the main historic and tourist districts. The area poses several challenges, ranging from its orography to the historic nature of its buildings and ageing population. Today we identify:

  • 540 electric vehicle public charging points from 4 providers
  • MOBiE single platform to manage electric vehicle charging points
  • Transpolis public transport platform
  • 64,000 street lights
  • Several sharing mobility options: GIRA, Drive Now, City Drive, among other